A simple task to improve communications

14 01 2009

view_1190809632If you haven’t done it yet, please add a signature to your email. A signature is a block of text at the end of your emails that contain all your contact information. It saves your recipients the hassle of asking for your address and phone number or searching for them on your website.

Here’s what mine says at the moment:

Best regards,

Alan Thornton
Decatur Computer Help
On-site Computer Troubleshooting
(404) 932-4348

http://www.decaturcomputerhelp.com – site
https://alanthornton.wordpress.com – blog
twitter: @decaturcomp

Referrals appreciated

You’d be surprised how often I try to give someone this info to be told that they already have it.  Providing your contact information with every email is one of the best uses of 2 minutes of your work time I can imagine.