17 11 2008

The most common question I hear about Twitter is, “What it it?” Followed closely by, “Why would I want it?” and, “How would I use it?”

I think the best answer is, Twitter is a very quick and simple way to communicate with a group of folks you enjoy.

The account is free. The posts are so simple you can send them from your cell phone. Posts are short (limited to 140 characters) and encourage folks to be clever and precise, unlike what I’m doing here. (chortle, chortle)

Still there is enough room for a short statement and a link to a website, article, photo, video or the like.

During an event like the Oscars or Election Night, it is fun to either chat back and forth with your chosen friends or to watch the comments of the entire Twitterverse on a site like Twitscoop.

There is a short video on the subject here that may explain things better than I have.

Oh, and there is one more question that I should mention. The main question that Twitter asks you is “What are you doing?” You’ll be surprised at the diverse answers.

…and one more thing, if you want to follow my posts there, just add “decaturcomp” as a person to follow, I’ll get a note and follow you back, then we’ll be able to keep up with each other. See you there.




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