Evernote! Capture Websites, Send yourself notes by phone…

1 06 2008

Evernote is spectacular. It has a “clip to evernote” button you can drag into your bookmarks bar and allows you to capture a webpage or just a highlighted part of it to your account. From there you can tag it for easy location later. Even if the websites should change or disappear, I’ll still have my copies. (That makes it great for saving news stories, too.)

For example. I’ve been obsessed with travel lately though it looks like we’ll only take a car trip to the beach for one week this year. I’ve captured lots of great packing, scuba diving with whale sharks and having fun on vacation tips as well as some camping related sites and tips from Lifehacker.com (great for all sorts of reasons) and tagged them all “travel.” Now, I can enter travel on my Evernote page and all of those come up at once. They can have multiple tags of course, so the camping tips are also labeled “camping” in case I want just that info.

It’s hard to explain fully but also hard to imagine going without. There’s a short waiting period for an invite while its in beta (and free) but I have a few invites as of this writing if you want one. I think its one of the best tools to show up since Google Reader. Have a look, why don’t you?
Evernote’s Home Page

Oh, and you can also send yourself notes to evernote over the phone by using the free and also wonderful Jott.com. Jott will send you or anyone else in your address book an email transcribed from your voice. I tag my jotts the same way as the related media I’ve snagged for a particular project.




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