iPhone Works Great, Just the Beginning

1 07 2007

Almost everything about the new iPhone works better than any other cell phone I’ve ever used. I’ve set up two of them one on Windows and one on a Mac and I’ve never had a better computer experience that accomplished so much. Address books synch, music and (beautiful) video upload to the phone, the internet works fine over the phone network or over any open wi-fi signal (or one I have the encryption code for like the one in my home.)

My wife is smiling about the syncing with her Outlook mail, calendar and contacts as well as her favorite music and podcasts. I used to do this for her on the old T-mobile Sidekick and on the old iPod. Now all she has to do is set the phone in the cradle to recharge and everything synchs up.

There is an interesting You Tube video about how the phone is not prone to scratches and is hard to damage by dropping.

Another post on the Apple Insider indicate that lots of updates are on the way to make the iPhone even more usable
. Many of these updates are due before the release of Apple’s new operating system Leapord which is coming in October of this year.

Oh and for folks who already have an iPhone, Apple has put up a website specifically for the phone that streams beautiful hi def movie trailers.

Here is a wonderful examination of why the Apple phone is striking a happy chord with users by the always fascinating man/beast blogger, the Macalope.

Personally, I can’t say enough about how right this all feels. I only hope that AT&T; will continue to let Apple guide it to the land of decent mobile phone service. It can only get better, right?




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