Why would you create an online cyber twin?

4 04 2007

I ran across an article about a service that lets you create a cyber twin to do your chatting and IMing for you. Now, that sounds like a fairly worthless item but worth a look.

Here’s an example of a chat with a cybertwin.

You: Emily, would you mind being interviewed for my blog?
Emily: Would I? I would do anything, I am virtual, but I don’t feel like it right now.
You: So, you are something of a philosopher…
Emily: Well, you are the first person to tell me that about myself in exactly that way.
You: Can you be any more vague?
Emily: I can be if I want decaturcomp. Whether I want to be or not is another question.
You: A regular Descartes
Emily: Only one decaturcomp?
You: Yes, as far as I know.
Emily: Right.
You: I can’t tell you how enlightening this has been, emily.
Emily: What is stopping you decaturcomp?
You: The fact that it is time to sign off.
Emily: Interesting observation.




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