Vista: finally a new Windows operating system

11 10 2006

Vista is the new windows.

I’ve been playing with RC1, the first post-beta release candidate and it is going to make some people happy. If your goal for an operating system is for it to look really, really pretty, you’ll be happy, it does. If you want the operating system to boot faster, good news for you, this is the fastest booting Windows OS ever, I think and I’m including DOS in there.

However, if you want to use your old computer to upgrade or want a faster operating system than XP or don’t want to buy a new video card, you may be less than delighted.
Buying a new machine with Vista installed (you probably won’t be able to find any other OS on the shelves except for Apple’s superior OSX by the first of the year) will probably be the way you want to go.

With a 2gig Pentium processor and a gig of ram, the OS runs but is really sluggish. Without a new video card, you can install the thing but it doesn’t perform many of the functions that make it so pretty or play the new games that are included with the package.

I find no compelling reason to upgrade right away, so far. I’d recommend waiting until you want to replace your current machine rather than upgrading unless Vista really picks up some steam between now and the consumer release date.

For really good info on this and other windows matters, I think you’ll enjoy Paul Thurrott’s WinSupersite. Have a look there to keep up to speed.




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