Planzo plotzes but Google calendar shows promise

23 08 2006

I’ve mentioned the Planzo calendar here (note: this is spelled correctly, I’m not referring to the new one by Plaxo) as being a servicable product. One of my clients called me recently and asked why he was having trouble with it. The site was having serious problems with errors and was deleting people’s accounts (including mine). This seems to have been fixed now but I thought it was time to look for an alternative.

I’m using the Google calendar these days because it works really well and meshes with my gmail account. If someone invites me to a meeting or other function, gmail recognizes that and allows me to change that request into a calendar item. The calendar can import the items from Outlook’s calendar, too though it requires an to export from Outlook to a file first. This isn’t as handy as some of the PDA or other programs that synchronize on the fly but it works. I’d plan on doing it once to move from Outlook to go online rather than thinking of it as a daily update.

You can send yourself reminders of upcoming calendar items as with other online datebooks. Reminders can be popups (a good thing in this case), emails or SMS messages to your phone. These are easier to set up than in some other programs because you set a default legnth for the warning message. That is nice but I prefer a little more control. For example, I like a few days notice on an upcoming birthday and an hour or so for a conference call reminder.

You can share your calendar with particular people or with the world. There is also an option that allows you to show only when you are busy and when you are available without any specifics. This can be useful to let an assistant or client know when they might be able to schedule an appointment with you or catch you on the phone.

As with other Google products, I imagine the calendar will only get better. For more info or to take a guided tour just click here. Over all, I think you’ll be impressed.

The whole world of online and offline calendering is going crazy these days. Things that say they work together don’t (palm and pocket pc phones that claim to sync with Outlook do sometimes and sometimes need lots of tlc or even a third party solution.)

Keep up with all the latest on the in depth blog Calendar Swamp.




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