A Wireless Network can be a blessing or a curse

4 08 2006

A Wireless Network can be a blessing or a curse, usually the former.

If you have a wireless network (in the Atlanta, GA area) and do not know for sure if it is secure, I’d like to do a free wireless security audit for you. It takes less than 5 minutes and, while I figure out what kind of encryption (if any, it IS really important) you’re using, we can check to see how far outside of your home or business your signal is reaching. You may want me to make adjustments to your wireless router to make it less visible or even invisible to anyone but you. Letting other people use your wi-fi connection to surf the Internet is a nice thing to do in some cases but since you are responsible if someone else uses your network for illegal music file sharing (for example) you might want to consider making some changes.

If you don’t have a wireless network but would like to be able to use a laptop from anywhere in your home or business (maybe even on the deck) to check email, surf the net or even print documents, I’d like to set up a secure wireless system for you. I can do that starting at around $200 for one wired and one wireless computer if you’d like me to provide the hardware, less if you buy the router and wireless card. Note that, if you have a recent notebook computer, you probably already have the wireless card built in. Also, if you have a desktop comuter that you’d like to relocate but can’t because of needing to be attached to the network cable, we can free it up with wireless.

If you have an older wireless setup (from more than a year ago) your network may not be as fast as it can be. Also, newer networks can reach further than the old type so, If you have dead spots on your property where your wireless network won’t reach, you might need an upgrade. I can take care of that, too. The wireless audit will determine if you have the slower type of setup.

Of course all the security for your wireless network isn’t worth much if your individual machines aren’t secure or if you don’t have a regular automated backup system. Remember, safe computing is more fun and can avoid down time in the case of an emergency. Let me work on your lost time prevention plan as soon as you have time to schedule an appointment.

Best regards,

Alan Thornton
Decatur Computer Help and
In-House Tech Support
404 932 4348




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