Podcasting: It’s not just for iPod users

3 03 2006

So, what is podcasting?

If you haven’t tried it, podcasting is like an audio (and sometimes a video) blog. It is someone’s comments on anything they want to discuss. Normally, a podcast has a particular focus like tips for usint your Mac or what might happen on Lost next week. There is bound to be a podcast that interests you as surely as there are websites that you find worthwhile. Podcasters routinely do interviews, play music, and sometimes hold forth for way too long.

Okay, how do you find and listen to a podcast?

This used to be pretty techy but the folks at Apple have made it simple. You may have Apple’s iTunes on you computer. This program is terrific and works on PCs as well as Macs. If you don’t have it installed download a free copy here. Now, just click on Podcasts under the source window on the left. Then click on podcast directory and select from the featured programs or use the search bar to find something you are particularly interested in. My 9-year-old son likes the Disney related podcasts and one that plays old cartoon theme songs. My wife Terri enjoys one about Project Runway and I like the techy stuff and the goofy news videocast (or vlog) Rocketboom. By the way, as with lots of other podcasts you can enjoy Rocketboom directly from their website. Just click on the link in the last sentence for whatever they’re up to today. Warning: language is not usually as bad as whats on the radio (shudder) these days but may offence some tender souls.

Once you’ve subscribed to a podcast, you can update it regularly to hear new installments or delete it when you tire of the subject. You can listen to the programs right there in iTunes with the click of a button or download them to an iPod if you own one. You could even burn them to CDs using iTunes.

So, give it a shot. Everything I’ve mentioned here is free and you already paid for your computer, right?

Have fun.




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