Planzo and Web 2.0

22 01 2006

Hi Friends,

Web 2.0 is a term folks are using to describe recent developments in interactivity for the world wide web. This movement seems to be centering on smallish but elegant web based solutions. There is an online word processor called Writely, a simple but better-than-anything-else-out-there, to do list called, ta-dalist, and a bunch of great web-based collaboration tools (the simplest I’ve found and my favorite is Rally Point. I recommend that you have a look at each of these to get a feel for where the web is headed these days. Also, you’ll probably find them pretty darn useful.

My favorite Web 2.0 application though is an easy-as-pie online calendar called Planzo. If you’ve ever struggled with SHARING a calendar with someone else (I’m thinking about Outlook users in particular here)you know what a frustration it can be. With Planzo, you can enter items into your calendar as quickly and you can click, type and hit enter AND you can make your calendar available to everyone or just to certain people you trust. Also, it is available to you anywhere you find a web connection on any computer.

Planzo lets you drag and drop your appointments anywhere on the grid so a change of plans is no big deal and folks looking at your schedule will always be up-to-date about where you are. Another nice feature is that you can select ‘friends’ who have planzo calendars and click on their names so that their calendar is automatically overlaid on yours. This makes scheduling a meeting with a few other users a snap because you can highlight available times without making a bunch of calls or sending numerous rounds of e-mails.

Planzo is still in beta, so don’t expect a perfect solution quite yet, but clients of mine who have started on it have found the current version to be useful.

Web 2.0, if you’re interested is largely built around some new compilations of scripting tools, notably one called Ajax if you care to investigate further.
Here is an extensive wrap-up of 2.0 tools from the end of 2005 that you might enjoy.

Please note that tools I’ve been talking about in recent posts such as flickr and delicious are in this group. Most of your friends won’t know about these sites for some time to come so I hope you have lots of fun visiting the future!




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