Instant Messaging with no download

7 11 2005

Hi Pals,
Just discovered this online instant messaging site Meebo. You can login to your MSN AIM YAHOO JABBER GTTALK or ICQ accounts from the main page then it just works. One thing I like, since I use tabs in Mozilla’s Firefox, is that the tab blink between the source of the send and the first pare of the message when someone IM’s you.

I don’t use IM much myself since it tends to distract me from work but my wife and I have private accounts that we use as a sort of intercom when we’re working. We both work from home but on separate floors. With IM the real intercom doesn’t interrupt when one of us is on the phone. We also have AIM on our cell phones so we can communicate when we’re out at client sites.

Meebo is new and doesn’t have any ads so far though I don’t know their intentions for the future. It sure is less intrusive and clunky than the AIM client for now though.




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