Get Firefox – Don’t click the Blue E

25 06 2005

Get Firefox!

Using Internet Explorer is just not a good idea. Firefox is faster, safer and packed with features. Tabbed browsing alone would be worth making the switch. You can have tons of windows open and switch among them quickly without having to open multiple copies of the browser like you have to in that other browser. (MS says that tabbed browsing is on the way eventually.)

Scott Granneman has written a good book on the subject of switching to Firefox called Don’t Click the Blue E. At the time of this post he is being inverviewed on The Well. The Well is an online community that predates what you probably think of as the internet. It is a great place for conversation on gazillions of subjects. If you join or just visit there, look for posts by That would be me.

Anyway, get Firefox. It is easy to get started. It allows you to import your IE bookmarks and settings and you won’t miss any of the stuff you’re accoustomed to. You’ll just get a lot more, including protection from a host of Internet bugs like exploits, spyware and malware.




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