Let 1000 Monkeys Type

9 12 2004

I used to have a web design business called Monkeystyping.com. It was a reference to the ‘enough monkeys and enough typewriters eventually produce the works of Shakespeare’ idea.

Sadly, my attempts at web design were often bested by actual apes so, I’m sticking to keeping getting folks out of hot water when their computers run amonk, um, amok.

Last month, I wrote an article for Computer User magazine about starting an on-site technical support business. I got more mail on that column than on the previous year’s work combined. There are lots of folks out there who want to help you navigate the tricky world of keeping your data safe and your computer afloat, it seems. I think that a few of the folks I’ve corresponded with will make good service people.

I’ve tried to encourage women to get into this field. Certainly a lot of you are very good with the technological end of the business. I imagine that other women would feel more comfortable having you work in their homes and offices than they would a scruffy bunch of guys. Meanwhile, if you’re a male in starting out in this business, please be extra courteous and professional on the job.




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