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11 07 2010

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Deleted Photos from your camera card? No problem, well maybe

24 01 2010

Carsten Blum had a problem. He had formatted his camera’s storage card. Game over right? Well, no, he went to work and developed the mighty “Exif Untrasher”.

His Mac based program can retrieve photos from formatted camera cards many times. Nothing is foolproof in this area as you know if you’ve tried undelete programs in the past. His code does no harm though, so like a careful physician, you can attempt to reclaim your lost photos. Then, if the program should fail, you still have the choice to take it to a house specializing in data recovery.

See his creation here and keep it in your dropbox for emergencies:

How do Techies send a ‘Save the Date’ notice for their wedding?

24 01 2010

Lifehacker is one of my regular sites to visit

30 06 2009

Here is an example of the useful information on Lifehacker.
They crowdsourced their readers to fine the best applications for various tasks we all perform. This link is to a list of some of their most popular results. A good example is the best journaling tools, “pen and paper.”

Losing Weight, Feeling Grateful: Best Free iTunes App ever

6 02 2009

Its easy, all the slim people said. Just: get a diet buddy, set your goals, keep track of everything you eat, increase your daily exercise, reduce your portion size and you’ll balance your weight-to-height budget. For a guy like me, easily distracted, disorganized maybe just a touch lazy, this advice has not been easy to follow. Heck, it looks like a lot of work even to get started with all of that.

Funny story: I’m following each of those suggestions in an enjoyable and evidently sustainable way with a free iPhone app called “Lose It” by Fit Now, Inc.

There are several advantages to using this program:

  • It is really, really easy to use
  • First my Son and now my lovely Wife have started using it and we are enjoying sharing notes and have become diet buddies
  • It helps you set goals which are easy to modify and tells you when you should attain those goals
  • It keeps a library of the foods and even of the entire meals you’ve entered so you can easily repeat things you’ve looked up before. (I eat pretty much the same breakfast every morning, so I just click on that meal and I’ve added it to the log for the day.)
  • It is easy to add custom foods or meals. (My Son Matt has “Dinner with Family” (an average of 600 cals) and things like “terrible school lunch salad” programed in.
  • It figures the exercise calories you enter into your daily budget so you can see right away how much more you can eat and still stay on track.
  • One tap on the iPhone and one on the day’s log, and I can see where I am. “Business dinner at Maggiano’s tonight, need to hit the gym for an extra 15 minutes this morning.”

I’ve never believed in listening to folks who are in the process of losing weight for advice on the subject. It seems to me that the people who have become and/or remained slim are the ones to emulate. That is where all the advice above came from and that’s what this little application is helping me and my family to accomplish.

Lose It! screenshot from Mashable article

Lose It! screenshot from Mashable article

There is a list of weight loss related apps reviews at Mashable if you’re interested in reading about the others, just click on the screenshot above.

Good luck and feel free to check in with me any time after March 14th to see if I’ve reached my goal and maintained the weight loss.

A simple task to improve communications

14 01 2009

view_1190809632If you haven’t done it yet, please add a signature to your email. A signature is a block of text at the end of your emails that contain all your contact information. It saves your recipients the hassle of asking for your address and phone number or searching for them on your website.

Here’s what mine says at the moment:

Best regards,

Alan Thornton
Decatur Computer Help
On-site Computer Troubleshooting
(404) 932-4348 – site – blog
twitter: @decaturcomp

Referrals appreciated

You’d be surprised how often I try to give someone this info to be told that they already have it.  Providing your contact information with every email is one of the best uses of 2 minutes of your work time I can imagine.


17 11 2008

The most common question I hear about Twitter is, “What it it?” Followed closely by, “Why would I want it?” and, “How would I use it?”

I think the best answer is, Twitter is a very quick and simple way to communicate with a group of folks you enjoy.

The account is free. The posts are so simple you can send them from your cell phone. Posts are short (limited to 140 characters) and encourage folks to be clever and precise, unlike what I’m doing here. (chortle, chortle)

Still there is enough room for a short statement and a link to a website, article, photo, video or the like.

During an event like the Oscars or Election Night, it is fun to either chat back and forth with your chosen friends or to watch the comments of the entire Twitterverse on a site like Twitscoop.

There is a short video on the subject here that may explain things better than I have.

Oh, and there is one more question that I should mention. The main question that Twitter asks you is “What are you doing?” You’ll be surprised at the diverse answers.

…and one more thing, if you want to follow my posts there, just add “decaturcomp” as a person to follow, I’ll get a note and follow you back, then we’ll be able to keep up with each other. See you there.